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5 Exciting and Fun Prehistoric Pets

The prehistoric era was a time of dinosaurs and other amazing creatures. They are long gone, but some of them can still be your pets! Here are five extinct animals that we would love to have as pets.

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1. Woolly Mammoth: The woolly mammoth is the most popular extinct animal to have as a pet. It’s not too hard to imagine having one in your backyard, since they were about the size of an elephant and weighed about 6 tons! They were herbivores who lived in cold climates, so it’s unlikely you could keep one in Florida. But if you live somewhere with snow, this would be a perfect pet for you!

2. Quagga: Quaggas are another animal from the past that we might be able to consider bringing back as an exotic pet. They were found in Africa, but they have now been extinct for a long time. If you do have a large enough zoo, one quagga might be the perfect addition!

3. Tasmanian Tiger:Tasmanian tigers were another species that we may see coming back soon. There is not much documented history of these tigers because they were going extinct due to hunting and other factors. However, if you are a zoologist and have a zoo, this is an animal that would be perfect for your collection!

4. Giant Panda:The giant panda is another popular choice for an exotic pet. It’s not too hard to imagine having one in the backyard as they are so well-known!

5. Javanese Leopard Cat:The Javanese leopard cat is a species of wild cat found in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Thailand. These cats are different than many other animals on this list because they aren’t a big risk to have around the house – they’re not too big or dangerous! They are a little larger than a house cat, but not by too much.Even though the Javanese leopard cat is small, it has a large head and lithe body. It’s coat is a mix of chocolate-brown and cream with whiskered spots, as well as dark patches that blend in on its chest and belly.

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