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Gorski, The Husky

Gorski is a male husky, he’s 10 months old, and about 58 pounds. His last owner couldn’t keep him for long, and I decided to take care of him, but I’m starting college and my little brother is going to school, so there’s no one to take care of him.
Sadly I don’t have a register of him, I know that he has his vaccines but the last owner lost proof of it.
I had him for more than 2 months, but I’m getting busy and my house is small, so I can’t keep him anymore.
He’s lovely, he likes to be chased, and loves tummy rubs, due to his breed he can be a little bit intense, he needs to move a lot and exercise, and go for a walk at least twice a day, he’s strong and very smart, he waits for his food and knows how to sit, he loves treats, and he would sit next to you while you cook, he loves being around other dogs and chase squirrels, and even though he gets a little bit excited and doesn’t know how strong he is, he’s good with kids.
In my house, we mostly speak spanish so he knows a few tricks in spanish, but he learns fast.
If he is left alone for long, he would became problematic and do some damage around the house, because he gets stressed, but he’s a great dog, so please take good care of him.

feel free to text me or call me

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  • Breed : Siberian Husky
  • Pet age : 10 months
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 1,200
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