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female rats

10 young baby rats almost ready for their new home. Born on June 16th. Will not be rehomed until 7 weeks. Very sweet and curious little ones. Two are albino. Two dumbo. Two black hooded. They get interacted with multiple times a day and would make amazing pets. Would not recommend for breeding since the momma had bad maternal aggression. Otherwise she’s a sweet rat just got the grumps when she was pregnant. Mom has gray face and dads albino (not for sale). NOT FOR FEEDERS PLEASE. These babies are really sweet and deserve a loving home with proper care. Preferably sell them in pairs because it’s best for rats to grow up with another similar in age. (pair 10$) if you have any questions don’t mind to ask.

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  • Breed : rat
  • Pet age : 7 weeks
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 10
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