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4 adorable Birman Kittens

4 Bitman Kittens, 2 Lovely fluffy young ladies and 2 Handsome fluffy young men.
The kittens have only bern living in our Flat in Copenhagen.
All 4 Kittens are in excellent health and are active, playful and curious as one would expect at this age. Burmans are the ‘Sacred Cat of Burma’ and are generally speaking more gentle than normal cats and ard good as indoor cats. The price is only *** Danish Kroner each.
They are all house trained using a cat litter box reliably. They eat a varirty of Biscuits (dry food) and also tinned /packet food (wet food). Also water and milk.
Feel free to contact me for more information or if you wish to visit to see them. Ps: They are legally allowed to move to a new home today.

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  • Breed : Birman
  • Pet age : 12 weeks
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 6,250
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