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3 budgie Birds

3 budgie birds of various ages, light blue bird is the oldest and the father of the two younger female birds.
the White bird is about three years old, and the dark blue one is the youngest.

I adopted the father bird from petland along with the mother bird that got sick and pased away last summer.

I am also selling the bird Cage along with all the bird toys, accessories “as I have a lot”, along with the extra bird food that I have.

The reason for rehoming these birds is because I got a job away from home this Summer.

the price that is listed is for everything together, but if you are only interested in The birds I could sell all three for 70$

birds- $70
cage- $90
supplies- $40
food- $20

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  • Breed : Budgerigar
  • Pet age : 4.5 years / 3 years / 2 years
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 220
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