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3 Kittens to Good Home

I have 3 kittens & one 2 yr old female cat. The mom is blind. She desperately needs a new home because we live on a busy street. She was born here but I’m afraid one day she’ll go out in the road. We are certain she is at least 99% blind. She’s a little skittish about people except me and my 2 older cats tend to be mean to her. She has been wormed.
Next is Violet. she is 13 weeks & a bundle of sweetness. she’s the people lover and loves to cuddle. (She is the solid gray kitten)
Next is Milo, he is Violet’s brother (he is the gray & white kitten, identical to mom). He loves to go in and out and loves to play. These 2 were born & raised inside.
Finally is Bellamy (he has the tiger striped face & 2 diff color eyes) he was not raised inside, he’s only been inside about a week & a half and is quickly getting used to the inside life. He is about 11 weeks old. His mom & 3 siblings have disappeared over the last 2 weeks, another reason I am worried about them all.
All have had a round of worm medicine.

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  • Pet age : 12 weeks & 2 yrs
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