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Mazi Needs A New Home

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  • Breed :
  • Pet age : Na
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 850

Mazi is all vaccinated, she has food , a litter box , travel bag & litter with also her treats she will be taking with her. Unfortunately I cannot afford to take care of her any
more also my landlord has found out about her as well. We found Mazi in an abandoned warehouse so we do not knowher breed or her exact age, when I got her he was about 6 months it’s been a little over that now. She is loving and playful and loves to have conversations with you due to her past she isn’t very open with new things and or new people she gets freightened very easily. But over time living with me she has become more active and open, it’s just takes time with her. She doesn’t bite or scratch at all unless when playing with her but she only means it in a playful way & never in a malicious way. I wanna find her a happy , warm and safe home.

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