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orange tabby

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  • Breed : Russian White, Black and Tabby
  • Pet age : 2 years
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 300

Button is a friendly sweet boy. He is playful, loving, and does whatever you do. if that’s relaxing and just having a chill day he will do that, if you want to have fun outgoing playtime he will be down for whatever. he is litter box trained, he gets along with other cats, shots up to date aswell.
i’m moving and the place i’m moving to doesn’t allow pets unfortunately and i would love for him to go to a nice loving home. Price is negotiable.
i love button so so much he is an angel. All i want for him is a loving home and to be happy and loved. He isn’t high maintenance. I am going to miss him so much. He gives me kisses like a dog would, loves belly rubs and to roll around on his back, he also loves his ears/head rubbed, he is always purring and happy, he doesn’t shed, he has the most beautiful eyes. He’s the sweetest.

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