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KC Registered English Bulldogs

These four puppys are a perfect example of what a proper bullog should look like.
they are almost perfect according to the kc standards.
these pups have a flat face, short legs, short tail, compact, thick, correct ears, head and overall shape.
on top of all of that. – look at their colours.
we have a blue merle and tan triple carrier male @ 3,900. This boy has to be seen in person to be appreciated. he is the biggest and chunkiest pup i have ever witnessed for an eb of his age. if you look at the last picture this was him at just over a week old. as you can see his eyes are not even open. he is definitely a future stud and i am definitely interested in a co-ownership if you are.
then we have a lilac merle and tan triple carrier female @ 4,900 this girl is second to none. she has it all. it was a tough decision to let her go and it has only come down to personal circumstances. i would prefer a co-ownership on her.
then we have a lilac and tan triple carrier male 2,500 he is perfect. he could definitely be a stud however, i’m guessing he will be a pet hence the price and this is only due to him being a normal lilac and tan, there are lots around now and therefore, people are not as excited about. But he does actually have it all.
and last but certainly not least, a black and tan triple carrier male 2,900. Just wow. you can imagine the version of him and he is going to look ammmmazzzing. gorgeous little boy. and so so so intelligent. first to walk, eat big food, has no fear at all. and already at 8wks old he will roll over onto his back for a belly tickle heheheh.
even looking through the various adverts on this site you can see the difference in quality. they are truly special.
they come chipped, wormed/flea, health checked, paperwork and a life time of support from a very experienced and trained breeder.
if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
i would be open to deals and offers on price for the right homes. the mos

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  • Breed : Bulldog
  • Pet age : 8 weeks
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 2,500
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