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Silly energetic chocolate labrador staff mix 1yo

titan is a one and a half year-old beautiful energetic little puppy at heart he’s full of energy and it’s a large yard or somebody who can actively take him on lots of runs. He has some training but is eager to learn more tricks. He’s full of love and devotion to who ever interacts with him. He gets along with other dogs but gets along better with dogs his own size or bigger because he doesn’t realize he’s such a big puppy. He’s all brown except a little bit of white on his chest and a little bit of white just on the tips of his hind quarter toes. he’s a chocolate labrador mixed with a small amount of American stafford terrier, He’s a fairly fits energetic boy with a very long tail the body of a lab and a mixture of stafford terrier and lab in the face. he loves going on bike rides or even rollerskates for long trips he’s full of energy and full of love.

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  • Breed : Labrador Retriever
  • Pet age : 1.5y
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 200
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