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Loving & Trained Pet

Loving & trained pet.

Hello, Aileen is a mixed breed, combined with toy spaniel and bishon. Her breed name will be considered “Engachon”. She was born December  27, ******. Aileen is also registered with AKC, in which her documents are supported. She is a loving puppy, energetic, people-lover and obedient dog. Aileen is definitely a lap dog but also playful. She gets along great with other dogs and even children. she knows simple commands, such as “come”, “sit” and “stay”. There’s so much i can share, please reach out to me. Above all, i’m hoping to find someone to take care of aileen and give her the loving home that she deserves.

Please note, Aileen will come with a kennel, bedding, toys, treats, and a lot more other items to properly rehome her.

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  • Breed :
  • Pet age : 6 months
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 2,500
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