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obi and odi DFW

I found these two boys roaming around in 100 degree weather while at work. I gave them food and water I’ve bathed them and I have given them their medicine for worms and fleas so they are nice and healthy. I really need to get these two a new home and fast for FREE. I cannot keep them anymore they are too much for me to handle I already have a dog of my own and there just isn’t enough space in my one bedroom apartment. they are some of the sweetest boys ever they don’t make a mess they love naps and to cuddle together. they haven’t made a mess since I’ve had them. if anyone can please get these two a home before I have to leave them at a shelter where they could possibly be euthanized. it is my last option I hope I can find a home for these two boys.

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  • Breed :
  • Pet age : 4 months
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 0
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