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Shiba Inu Purebred 11 weeks old puppy for sale

Hi I have a sesame coat purebred Shiba Inu puppy that I am looking to sell because I ended up in fincial hardship. I bought the puppy a few weeks ago and at the time I made an impulse buy but now I have a ton of physical therapy bills and I realized that I can’t afford the puppy. It pains me a lot because that puppy was part of my family and I love him but I simply don’t have the funds to take care of me and him. He is a purebred Shiba Inu and is up to date on all of his shots. Anyone who wants to buy him can play with him before purchasing he is an absolute joy so full of life and energy he always wants to play and he can win anyone over. He’s a very sweet and friendly dog. He is also absolutely beautiful and has a rare sesame coat.

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  • Breed : Shiba Inu
  • Pet age : 11 weeks
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 6,000
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