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Panda needs a loving home

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  • Breed : Siberian Husky
  • Pet age : 9 months
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 850

Panda is so sweet it kinda breaks my heart having to type this.. I got him in Benton Tennessee. He does super well around other dogs just gets overly excited near humans & other dogs. He has a strong personality very intelligent.. he is fully potty trained I trained him all the way before 6 months( you just have to use a strong tone with him). he is not fully grown yet so he does have some stubborn ways (it’s funny majority of the time) he has growing to do I know his mom and dad were pretty big and built I have his papers that were given to me & he is 100% Siberian Husky.. I’ve been feeding him pedigree wet & dry food together.. he is a hyper puppy right now he is going on 9 months … I love my baby to death but I know I’m not capable of tending to him correctly right now I’ve been tending to him since 6weeks with no job so I’ve been trying so hard& I can only do soo much … Panda super affectionate he is my emotional support for sure super loving🫶🏽 But he is NOT FREE PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE! I’ve put a lot of hard work dedication & money I didn’t have to make sure he is healthy and good looking. His shots aren’t up to date he is not microchipped he is fully house trained he’s good with dogs and/or cats plus kids just hyper at first meeting..

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