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Guinea pigs

I have 9 in total Guinea pigs
4 females
and 5 males
(FM) 4months
(FM 6aeeks
(FM) 16 weeks
(M) 6 months
(M) 6months
(M) 1 year
(M) 1 year
(M) 9 months
males are not neutered and females are not pregnant I have them separated but let them bond a couple times they are very nice and friendly to everyone they are very loud when they hear bag shuffling and toys and huts all included the leader on the pack is Melo. I’m looking for a loving home for them I don’t have the time for them and they require a good amount of attention. serious people only.
cages, hay, and months worth of food and accessories included in total. for now I can’t drive so you have to pick up only.

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  • Breed :
  • Pet age : 000
  • Price/Rehome Fee : 900
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