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What do I need to know before adopting a hedgehog as my pet?

Before adopting a hedgehog as your pet, you should know what they eat, how to care for them and some of their unique characteristics.

Hedgehogs are small mammals that have spikes on their back. They are mainly nocturnal animals and can be found in the wild in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Hedgehogs eat insects, fruits, vegetables and meat. They can also eat birdseed but it is not recommended because it lacks nutrients.

The best way to care for a hedgehog is to provide them with a cage with plenty of space to roam around and hide from the light. The cage should also have plenty of things to explore such as tunnels or boxes. You should also provide them with fresh water daily and hay or straws for bedding.

When it comes to food, you should start by offering them a small amount of food and gradually increase the size of the serving. You should also offer them a variety of things in order for them to get used to new flavours.

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