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Signs Your Dog Could Be Telling You Something

Dogs are a living, breathing creature that has the ability to communicate with us in a variety of ways. They can either be warning signs or they might want to tell you something important. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and their body language is an indication of what they are thinking. If your dog is constantly licking its lips, it could mean that it is thirsty or hungry. If it’s constantly wagging its tail, then it could mean that your dog wants to play. . It’s also a sure sign that they are excited when they make the “I love you” sign.

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1) Panting – If your dog is panting then it might be asking for attention or to be petted because it is hot. If your dog starts panting after a run then it might be trying to tell you that its tired and needs some rest.

2) Jaw Licking- If your dog is licking its lips or teeth, it could be trying to tell you that it is thirsty because dogs need to drink often and they don’t always have the liberty of choosing when and where.

3) Whining – If your dog whines, then it might be asking for food because dogs are always hungry. They can also whine because they’re hungry and need to go outside, or because they want attention.

4) Nervous Chirping – If your dog is chirping then it might be feeling very anxious or nervous and is trying to tell you that it wants something but doesn’t know what. Dogs can also chirp when they are excited about something like a walk outside in the snow .

5) Elbows on the Ground – If your dog has its elbows on the ground, then it might be trying to tell you that it wants to lie down and needs your permission. It’s also possible that a dog might have its elbows on the ground when they’re ready to play or wrestle with other dogs.


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