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The Complete Guide to Dog Breeds in Australia

There are a variety of dog breeds in Australia. The top ten dog breeds in Australia are:

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1. Australian Shepherd

2. Border Collie

3. Bulldog

4. Chihuahua

5. Dachshund

6. German Shephard

7. Golden Retriever

8. Labrador Retriever

9. Poodle

10. Rottweiler

 A Brief History of Dog Breeds in Australia

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The history of dog breeds in Australia is a long and interesting one. It starts from the time when humans first decided to domesticate wild dogs.

Australia has been home to a variety of different dog breeds since the start of its colonization by Europeans. Some of these breeds include: the Australian cattle dog, Australian shepherd, Australian terrier, Australian dingo and many more.

The earliest dogs in Australia were probably dingoes, which are believed to have come with the Australian Aborigines when they arrived around 40,000 years ago. Dingoes were probably used by the Aborigines to hunt rabbits and possums. These early dogs may also have been used in fights between rival tribes of Aborigines. The first breeds of dogs to make it to Europe would have been found in the dogs, who lived with and were bred by the Vikings.The first dog known to be brought to Australia was a fox terrier called Rover by an Englishman, James Stephens, in 1845. The dog seemed healthy, but died after less than six weeks of illness. It is not clear what caused his death, but it has been suggested that he may have had distemper

The following breeds are considered to be some of the first dogs to make their way from one country or continent to another:

1) Alaskan Malamute was brought to Greenland by Norsemen in 1764.

2) Bulldog was found in England in 18 35.

3) Dachshund was brought to America by Germans in 1876.

4) Scottish Terrier was brought to Australia by convicts in 1848.

5) Whippet was brought from France to Mexico in 1762.

6) Afghan Hound was found in India before being exported around the world.United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all the same continent.

Top 6 Best Breeders & Pet Stores in Melbourne and Sydney City for Buying Australian Breeds

Buying a new pet is exciting and fun. However, it can also be stressful when you’re not sure what breed to pick or what type of food to use for your new furry friend. Australian Pet Breeder Directory has compiled a list of the top 6 best breeders and pet stores in Melbourne and Sydney City for buying Australian breeds.

Top 6 Best Breeders & Pet Stores in Melbourne and Sydney City

1) Dog House Dog Grooming – Sydney City

2) The Pawsitive Company – Melbourne City

3) Red Dog Rescue – Sydney City

4) The Australian Bulldog Club of NSW Inc – Sydney City

5) Dogs Australia – Sydney City

6) Cats Australia – Sydney City

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